Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Ducky

Septimus and I were having dinner last night when the subject of consent came up again. It usually does after I’ve spent any amount of time perusing things online. I mentioned that I really didn’t want to get involved with a simple “yes means yes” or “no means no” kind of thing. He asked me why. I told him bluntly that relying SOLELY on a change in the attitude of the person who is intent on harming someone will always be a failure and that both of those phrases seemed to put the focus on forgetting that there were people in this world that, no matter what anyone said, will still harm you.

Then he told me a story.

There was a scorpion on the bank of a river. The scorpion wanted to cross the river, but because he WAS a scorpion and couldn’t swim, he couldn’t figure out how to do it. The scorpion waited for a while, looking for options, and finally a duck swam by on the river.

The scorpion called to the duck “hey duck! I need a lift to the other side of the river- can you help me out?” The duck, eyeing the scorpion warily said “are you fucking kidding me? you’re a SCORPION and will sting me!”.

The scorpion and the duck went back and forth, the scorpion asking for a lift and saying that he wouldn't sting the duck; and the duck saying that the scorpion was dangerous. Finally, the duck relented and said “ long as you won’t sting me, hop on and I’ll give you a lift”.

About half way across the river, the scorpion stung the duck.

The duck said “ARE YOU STUPID?! Now we’re both going to drown! You SAID you wouldn’t sting me!

To which the scorpion replied “you KNEW I was a scorpion, right?”

If one is a duck, despite promises to the contrary, despite how things appear, and despite how you WANT things to be different, you still gotta remember that a scorpion will always sting you.

Photo courtesy of Good Weather for Ducks

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