Friday, July 22, 2011

Google Plus Kink Minus Me

I have a Google Plus account. You can find my profile there under Wendy Silver. Not SilverDreams as most people know me. That’s because of a little “name issue” that google hasn’t quite gotten the hang of yet. I say you can find my profile (what I left of it) there, but you won’t find “ME” there. I’ve given up on G plus for the foreseeable future.

I’ve spent a lot of time on social networks. I fought against joining Facebook because of the serious privacy concerns I had. But Septimus was able to help me figure things out enough to lock things down. However, when they added facial recognition, I removed my kinky profile from Facebook. I now use it solely to interract with our families and vanilla friends. It’s too bad, because my real friends were the ones on my kinky profile. They were the ones I had things in common with, and they were the ones I “socialized” with. Not my family or co-workers. I had a MySpace profile, also recently removed (I hope), I have a Twitter account and a Fetlife profile, so I’m not completely a “social network”newbie. I’ve been using them heavily for a few years. I’m just not convinced that GooglePlus is for me. Being kinky and all.

Google wants “real” people, with “real content” having “real conversations”. I’m not sure what a “name” has to do with that, but it’s their playground. I’m just a visitor and don’t get to make the rules. But this is only ONE of the reasons why I’ve dumped Gplus for now. I don’t agree with this policy. Neither does almost everyone else. Why is hiding a real name so important? If you have to ask that, then I can’t help you. There’s too many reasons why. But if you’d like to read about the kinds of people who might be harmed, READ THIS
I’m not a fan of a site that hides behind a corporate shield while making their users “prove” that they’re really the person they say they are. Their users are guilty until proven innocent in the name department. And finding out that someone with whom I’ve actually HAD a conversation with had suddenly disappeared overnight, along with their posts, is frankly NOT a way for me to waste a whole lot of time having those conversations over there. Instead of believing that people will find their service pretty cool and use it accordingly, the googlites have obviously decided that everyone will act like a douchenozzle and that the only way to prevent it is to require that the douchenozzles use real names. I’m not even going to get into the fact that nearly everyone I’ve seen so far isn’t using their legal name- but some sort of variation of it.

But what I see Google Plus as doing with the name thing is that they want “certain types” of people and conversations. Things that can be indexed on google without running into the religious right pointing fingers at google and telling the world they’re running a PORNOGRAPHIC site! THINK OF THE CHILDREN will be the next refrain, I’m sure. It always is. Once those darned little minors start finding GooglePlus, we’ll have to protect them. And I guess the way to do that is to require a “real name”.

But I’ve spent a few years building my reputation under my SilverDreams name. People read my opinions and talk to me, knowing that I AM the REAL SilverDreams. They’ve heard me speak, been in my classes, read my blog and talked with me as SilverDreams. Fuck Wendy Silver. I’m not her. I don’t know who she is yet.

But as I said the name game is only one of the reasons why I’m not convinced that Google Plus is the best thing since ice cream (it’s really hot here today, shoot me). The list is long, but here’s the salient points:

It’s difficult to find things. I tried to delete a photo and had to jump through so many hoops, I almost gave up. If I wasn’t motivated enough to keep trying, I’d still be wandering around the “help” section.

It’s difficult to wake up in the morning, find out that dozens of people that I don’t know have started conversations about things that I have absolutely NO fucking interest in and they’re all being regurgitated on my stream. AND that they’re now “sharing with me”. (isn’t THAT special) I know, I can mute the posts, block people, and change circles, but why is it so difficult for any social network to get the fact that I want to be social with people I KNOW, and not with people posting crap about their dogs and/or latest meals? If something’s important, I have a wide enough base of people I interact with they’ll fill me in, I’ve not a doubt. This whole “sharing thing” just cuz someone circles me is like having to listen to that guy on a bus sitting next to you, talk about his boring life as a Walmart greeter, his complaints about his girlfriend not wanting to have sex with him or his mother’s facial wart. Sure, I can get up and move, but my chair was perfectly comfy before he got there.

I know people are saying that the interface is “cleaner”. It may very well be, but what I don’t like is how things I read a week or more ago, keep SHOWING BACK UP on my damned stream EVERY SINGLE TIME another new person finds Violet Blue’s lollipop post. Hello? Yesterday’s news isn’t news and if I wanted to be in that conversation a week ago, I would have been. Having it constantly popping back up, is annoying.

And finally, one of the last reasons why it’s not for me is because I know, talk with, and love many of my friends under their “business names” or “alternate names”. People like PapayaPam, CineKink, ThatToyChick...all people I know and love on Twitter, who are prevented from having a profile under their “business name” Do I know their “real names”? Sometimes I do. I’ve actually MET around 90% of the people I follow on Twitter.

And every time I DO meet someone from my tweetstream, the usual thing they say to me is “I KNOW YOU! You’re SilverDreams! I love to talk with you on twitter!” (OK, so I also say something similar to them pretty frequently too).

For now, Googleplus won’t let me be who I am, converse with those I like, and doesn’t really want “certain conversations” happening. So I’m back on Twitter. Where having conversations takes some work, but where I can be me.

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Dangerous Lilly said...

There is one really nice aspect to Facebook - a group. There's a group that a number of like-minded gals are in and someone in our community kindly invited me to it. We didn't have to be "friends" on Facebook to all be in the group and participate; it's not seen by the rest of my FB pals, which is good because it's my offline account. So I'm able to use FB to talk about and post about and comment on SEX THINGS without my cousin seeing it. The one who's going to be a missionary. And not the position.

I managed to create a real-sounding name finally, one I wrote under for Clean Sheets, and for that little line that everybody sees when they look at just your pic, name and such in a lineup, I put Dangerous Lilly, so they'll know.