Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Momentumcon 2011


To see the live-tweets of the conference- click here or search for #mcon.

Amazing would hardly begin to describe it.

When I first put my idea up for a session, I didn’t think about what I was doing. As in, I knew I had things to share about kink and social media, but I had no idea when I did it, I’d be in front of people talking at a convention that had the likes of Carol Queen, Doctor Ruthie, Tristan Taormino, Reid Mikahlo and Jennie Block speaking. To say that I was a wee bit intimidated by the idea would be somewhat of an understatement.

What the fuck was I doing? Thinking I could have anything important to say in THAT milieu? I was just a kinky girl, sometime relationship blogger, with fangirl tendencies towards sex positive people. When I talked with Septimus about my fears, he kind of just looked at me and said “you belong there too”. I still wasn’t sure. And, this was the first time I’d be speaking at a conference where Septimus wasn’t going to be with me. I felt like I wanted to heave.

Debaucheddiva finally convinced me when she assured me that smaller voices (and I daresay untried voices) are needed just as much as Jennie Block’s.

There were quite a few friends (Spunquee, Ten and B-Playful among them), quite a few bloggers that I’d been tweeting with for a long while, and many sex positive people that I’d met before who would be attending and speaking. Among those were some of my fangirl favorites: Megan Andelloux, Sarah Sloane, Shanna Katz and Princess Kali. I figured that I enjoyed talking with them enough in the past, that meeting a whole bunch of new people and doing the same thing wouldn’t be so scary.

I’d taken a look at the schedule and realized that there would be no possible way to attend every session that I’d wanted to. That’s how great it was. There were more sessions I wanted to go to than there were ones that I figured I could skip out of in favor of a nap. In all of the cons that I’ve attended, that has never happened.

I will write about specific sessions and what I learned from them at another time. Feminism and D/s, Podcasting, Marketing, CineKink and more. I’m still processing everything (and catching up on sleep). The sessions gave me more than enough blog fodder for dozens of posts. And have given me enough to think about to carry the excitement forward. To keep the momentum flowing as it were.

Those two days in DC, attending Momentum have changed the way I think about sexuality, sex positivity, gender, relationships, social media, and feminism. But what they did more, was change the way I think about myself. A wee bit intimidated? Sure. Who wouldn’t be? But talking to and learning from all those wonderful educators and attendees gave me something really important. An unintentional consequence of having an idea, putting it out there, and learning to follow through with it.


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