Sunday, February 20, 2011

These Canes Ain't Made of Candy


It is the epitome of stupidity to continually do the same thing over and over again, knowing the outcome will be the same, yet hoping for a different result. I’m guilty of this. And yet I keep beating myself up because the end result never changes. And boy, can I beat myself up.

I’ve been perving videos on the Kink Academy for some fun, kinky shit to try out. I’d watched the flogging video by Dov, some rope videos by Graydancer, and even a caning video by Princess Kali and I had planned to write my next post on any of those three things. I’ve been practicing my flogging and I’d wanted to try out any or all of those things on a friend or two and write about that. I will get to that eventually. But something came up and so I turned to the Kink Academy for help.

We went to another party. It was low-key and with people that are dear friends. It had been a while since we’d really played. So I was surprised that same kind of thing that always happens, happened again. With no clear idea of what Sir had planned, without some idea of where he was going, I followed along, hoping that this time, I’d “get it right”. I never really know which reaction will appear, and I never can be sure which one is going to be the one he’s looking for. When we hit on compatible expectations, that is- with him hitting the right buttons and me reacting in a way that he expects, things work out pretty good. But when there’s a disparity, they turn out pretty badly. I cannot, despite what anyone may think, control my reactions. They just…happen.

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