Sunday, February 27, 2011

Peep, Peep, Peep...Giggles

When Daddy and I go to parties, like most people, we spend some time playing. The party we attended this weekend was no different. We’d caught up with some friends, joked around for a while, and then we’d had a fabulous caning scene. We’d used what I’d learned after the last party about communication during a scene, and it really helped both of us enjoy things much more.

But typically what happens, is that I wear Daddy out. I never thought much about being a heavy bottom, but when things get going, and especially when we’re both focused, I tire him out just as I’m getting that boost of energy for more. We’d talked about this phenomenon and as a result, I usually set up a second scene for myself. When I’m the one doing the topping.

My best friend Radagast22 is a heavy bottom. Because he’s involved in a LDR with a wonderful woman from Seattle, he’s often alone at parties. And since I know how it feels to be on the sidelines while everyone else is having fun, really needing to get flogged or caned, and going home frustrated, I usually plan my second scene with him. Because he’s my best friend, we have a somewhat different dynamic than is typically found in a dungeon. Our thing is that we like to make each other laugh. That is, until the day when I can make him cry. I’m working on that.

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