Monday, November 15, 2010

Get Off My Lawn!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I remember when I first saw it. I was 17 years old. In Hudson, NH. At a midnight showing that I had to promise my mother months of indentured servitude in order to attend. I traded months of Saturday mornings cleaning the basement and garage to go. It was worth it. The movie, filled with inside jokes, transvestites, and Susan Sarandon in those shoes for a 17 year old was sexy and damned transgressive. I’m still not sure how I ever convinced my mother to let me see it. I suppose I should be grateful that the internet, for all intents and purposes, didn’t exist when I was 17.

We’d gone to The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Coyotetoo and SubWonder. RHPS itself was just as I’d remembered, even if there were some “new” memes, the print had seen better days and obviously attended by many people who no longer thought of RHPS as being quite as transgressive as it used to be. After all these years, it’s become campy rather than edgy. But we’d had a ball, threw some rice, danced the Time Warp, and sang the songs (you kids really have to remember to sing!). But Daddy noticed something which, after I thought about, seemed a lot of what we’re used to dealing with. He’d noticed that nearly everyone in the theater hadn’t even been born when we’d seen the show for the first time.

Talk about feeling old.

I don’t know how Daddy feels, but this reminds me of the same thing that I feel all the time when we’re at parties with our friends, many of whom are under the age of 30. I like feeling all that young puppy energy around me, and I’ve developed close friendships with (and a crush or two on) some of these “youngsters”. We try very hard not to be the “creepy old people” at these parties and the fact that we do have many friends in that age group tells me that in that at least, we’ve succeeded. We don’t tout our “experience”. We just enjoy the experience. Being around young people is a joy for me. But it also makes me remember that many of these people weren’t even born when I first started experimenting with bdsm. Which also, coincidentally enough, was around 17. Chicken and egg much?

But just as with all those young people at RHPS, who are now experiencing the colors, themes and fun seeing something that is nearly 35 years old (OMFG!), and who are now adding their own memes and putting their own take on this time honored cult movie; the kids that we’re around at parties and events are also adding their own take to the practice of bdsm. For me, both are fun to watch, and both are fun to experience. And just as I enjoyed watching RHPS with all of those new things adding to my experience of it, I also enjoy my younger friends adding to my experience with bdsm.

I may never do some of the things that they do, but then again, they’ll never get to see RHPS and experience that same transgressive feeling that I did either.

And instead of feeling old, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m happy that RHPS is still being shown, albeit with a much different take than I’d had in 1982, and that my young friends have the opportunities to explore their kink in ways that hadn’t existed in 1982.

No. I’m not old. I’m envious.

But I also remember that someday, these young kids will also be in the same position. They’ll have years of experiences and somebody ELSE will change their RHPS to suit themselves. And they'll be the ones saying "you kids get off my lawn!!"

The little sadist in me is snickering. It’ll be fun to watch. :)

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Subuwonder said...

It's funny - I, too, noticed that we were the only ones in the "older" crowd (that must be why those "kids" approached me to buy them tickets!) but I blame that mostly on the location of this particular viewing.

Great post!