Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tip of the Top and BadBadGirlx

As anyone who is on my twitter stream knows by now, @b_playful, @badbadgirlx, @girlmouse and I had a little bit of fun in New York City after the Kink Academy Open House. What’s a couple of bloggers, a rigger and a mouse to do with some time on their hands and a wonderful view?

BadBadGirl (Miss April in the NYC Sexblogger Calendar, if you didn’t know) was *very* vocal about her need to get “tied up and beat with something” all afternoon. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d have thought that she was just trying to see if B_Playful and I were up to her antics.

We were. Much to her surprise, and to our delight.

B-Playful and I had talked for a bit about what we’d do for BadBadGirl. I’m not much into rigging, and he’s not much into impact. Alone, we’d have disappointed her, but together, our smiling faces and fun demeanor hid a very dark secret for BadBadGirl. I’m much more of a sadist than I’d ever have imagined when such a beautiful bottom is all tied up for me. She started thinking that she could run the show (she IS a bit of domme after all). She found out that as much as I bitch about topping, when I get the chance to do it the way I want to, no amount of sassy is gonna save her ass.

I’m sure BadBadGirl will blog about her experience one of these days (I’ll be really disappointed if she doesn’t- LOL), but I also wanted to write about mine.

I hadn’t seriously topped anyone in more than ten years. Over the past decade, I’ve topped rarely. My relationships have been on the bottomside, and I haven’t really gotten the chance to do things the way I like. Daddy is also very uncomfortable with me topping boys. There’s a few friends he’ll make an exception for. He’s also never seen me seriously top anyone. Recently, I’d topped @Radagast22 in what was a very fun flogging scene with feathers, bubbles and singing (don’t ask, you really had to be there), but it’d been far too long since I got a chance to seriously top such a beautiful woman. BadBadGirl gave me a chance to explore a part of me that I haven’t let loose in so long, I’d almost forgotten I had it in me. But since Daddy is also ok with me and girls, and I did kind of clue him into what we were planning, my only regret was that he wasn’t there to see it.

I will admit that I used a lot of Daddy’s best stuff. But what I enjoyed the most was finding all those yummy headspaces for BadBadGirl and taking some of those memories she'd been trying to hold onto all weekend, and re-working them into something a little different from how she might think of them. Really early on in the night, I asked her if she was gonna cry for me. She replied no, with a bratty little giggle of her own. When I bent over her, grabbed a fist full of her hair, and asked her if she wanted to bet, I’m sure she wondered if her friend, the giggly shoe slut had just been replaced by an alien. And when she finally did give me those tears, I just sighed and thought about how much I'd missed doing this.

Afterwards, B_Playful and I were talking and he said that he'd learned something very important from watching me. He's usually so focused on the rope, when he has to take someone out of it, he didn't really know how to finish the scene. Speaking as a bottom, that's one of the biggest issues with rope I think. So I'm hoping that he'll take that and use it to someone else's pleasure.

I’m gonna stop here and hope for a more detailed version from BadBadGirl soon. She writes this stuff much better than I ever could and I’m looking forward to reading it. I know I was there, but I also found out one other important thing that I’d forgotten.

Just how great topspace can be when you least expect it.

Photo Credits: Rigging by B_Playful and photography by GirlMouse.

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Kyle said...

beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing the story.. I well remember the brattiness of BBG and thinking it would be fun to work that brattiness into submission.