Monday, June 21, 2010

Meeting HiOhMegan

Last Tuesday, GirlMouse and I attended a class at Good Vibrations. The class was Fabulous Fellatio: The Art of Oral Sex and it was being hosted by Megan Andelloux. Being the shy, retiring sort of girl I am when it comes to blow jobs (insert hysterical laughter), I was curious if there was going to be something new for me to learn. OK, so I really attended because I have an insane fetish to meet everyone on my Twitter stream AND because I’m always curious whether or not I’m “doing it right”.

It was an interesting night. We started off with a breaking the ice card game by The Kink Academy. The object of the game was to get people used to saying really dirty things so that we’d feel less self-conscious about it later on. My card was “The Porn Star”. We had to say dirty things to the others in class to find our counterpart. I apparently misunderstood the directions, and while I was looking for my “opposite” role, I completely missed the fact my counterpart was the pizza delivery guy. I thought I’d found the match with the Virgin. I really thought I’d had it. What’s MORE opposite of a Porn Star than a Virgin?

It may not have gotten me over any self-consciousness about talking dirty, but it did make me smile, talk to people that I’d probably wouldn’t have in the class, and started me thinking about throwing out any pre-conceived notions I’d had about sucking cock.

Megan is a wonderful speaker. I’m often surprised by just how great some of the women speakers I’ve met in the last couple of years have been. I don’t know WHY I should be surprised. Princess Kali, Mollena Williams, Sophia Sky, and now Megan Andelloux have all left me feeling empowered in my kink and in wonderful company. The intelligence, passion, and compassion of these women when discussing and teaching others about submission, sex, sexuality, and being a strong woman who can enjoy those things without being ashamed, is an indescribable joy for me.

We got into the cock (and Megan uses that term because she finds that easier and more apt than saying ‘penis’ or naturally occurring equipment or whatever other term may be fashion or your kink) pretty quickly. We discussed and tried out different lubes and talked about safer sex. Then we got to know our dildos pretty well. She started with anatomy and where all those fun buttons are.

GirlMouse was pretty hysterical. Megan was teaching us how to put on a condom with our mouths and GirlMouse whispered to me “I’ve never done this before”. Now this is a trick that I learned in tenth grade or so and it always surprises me that people have never experimented with this. But what I learned from Megan and GirlMouse is that there are people for whom cock is something of a scary proposition. I will say that with Megan’s no-nonsense approach to cock, it looked like everyone in the class managed that little party trick pretty well.

Megan ran through various drills using mouths, tongues, cheeks, lips, and she quite often interchanged oral with hands. Mostly it’s because there’s only so long one can actually USE your mouth to give a blow job before you get tired and start to think “would he just freaking HURRY?” And before getting to the point where the job becomes an actual job....she recommends mixing things up to give yourself a break.

Megan then got into deep throating. And if you've ever done this particular activity, you'll know that gagging and tears are pretty common. Fortunately, gagging is in fashion these days (Megan said so) and fortunately for me...those are two of Daddy's favorite things. And fortunately for me, Megan needed some help with that. She'd asked for a volunteer and since I was wearing pants...and since nobody else was going for it...I forced myself to raise my hand. OK, you know I'm kidding. There was this beautiful woman, asking if someone wanted to get a strap on, and help demonstrate I WASN'T going to volunteer? Are you serious?

But deepthroating takes a lot of practice. This isn't the time when you shove your partner's face onto your cock (or maybe it is, but that's a different kind of face-fucking). In order to deep throat, it seemed to me that there were two things that people should know: a) positioning of the people is key and b) you're gonna gag so just get used to it. Seriously. Although deepthroating is something of a "must have" there's really no possible way to keep this up for very long. This is one more time that porn movies create unobtainable expectations. Ah's about time that people who have cocks understand that just as 12 inch cocks seldom exist in real life, people who can deep-throat for hours without coming up for air seldom do either.

I'm not going to give a blow-by-blow (that's what she said) of the class. It was informative and I highly recommend it for everyone interested in the art of cocksucking. And I seriously recommend it for couples. It would have been really awesome for Daddy to hear some of the things that Megan said. Even if he never sucks cock. (I'm SO gonna pay for that one)

Although I personally didn't learn anything "new" with regards to the mechanics of a great blow job (although I did learn a couple of new tricks with prostate massages that I'm dying to try out) I did learn one very important thing. It's not whether or not I'm doing it "right" or if what works for GirlMouse works for me. It's solely about what makes it work for me and Daddy. Only HE can tell me what works...and it only matters that both Daddy and I are happy when we're doing it. And I say "we" because like everything else...the best things happen when we're doing it together. It's about being comfortable with the cock you love.

I mean comfortable with your partner so that you're not embarrassed or wondering if you're doing it wrong. You don't have to be an expert (or even a porn star) to give a wonderful blow job to the person you love.

I also highly recommend OhMegan's website (check out the "For Your Head" tab for some fun things). And if you can't get to a class with Megan (and I really think you should if you can), here's a site I found helpful for cocksucking basics.

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