Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Transitions, Changes and What the HELL is THAT?

As people might know by now, Daddy and I have taken a jump into the abyss ---otherwise known as we're sharing a house. And by sharing, I mean that I've taken over most of the closet space, much of the kitchen space, and lots of the wall space. Sorry about that Daddy :)

Since we spent most weekends together already, and since I have a full time job which causes me to leave the house before Daddy gets up, nothing really changed. Well, with the exception that I go to sleep with him nearby every night. And wake up next to him every morning.

I'm not really sure how things will look over time. There's lots of things that I hope never change: that he can't keep his hands off me while I'm cooking; that we can be in the same room, sharing the same space, without really tripping over each other; and that, while I still don't feel "home" yet (mostly because of an issue we're having with the house, 27 inches of water in the basement and no hot water heater), I feel more at ease there than I ever have before.

I don't really think that we're transitioning into a 24/7/365 D/s relationship. Even when we didn't live together, I belonged to him. Even when I slept in my own apartment, I was still his. And even when he wasn't looking, I still (mostly) remembered that. I think we already HAD that kind of D/s relationship, it just looked different.

I still can't wait to see him. I still love to watch his smile. I still love to hear his voice. And I still love that he looks at me the way I always wanted someone to. Just now, I get to see those things more often.

He's given me pretty much the OK to do what I want in the house. Eventually I'll get us there. Hopefully sooner than later because clutter annoys me, and I do have other things I'd rather be doing than finding places for my things. I've hung some of my pictures, hung curtains, and tried not to move too many things from where he already had them. He's walked through the door and has been surprised by a cat gargoyle, an owl, and I'm sure various other things. He always smiles, and asks "what the hell is that?" At first, I rushed to remove the offending whatever, and subsequently I was a little hesitant to do any decorating or organizing without his explicit OK. But then I realized that it's easier to do it and just give him the option of telling me that something didn't work for him. Sort of like a scene. We don't negotiate first. We do it and if it's not working, we change it.

I'm hoping that things just continue to get better. Oh I know that there will be some rough patches...it's inevitable. But that's where I think that having a D/s relationship can make a huge difference. I'll only argue over a Really Important Matter. Everything else....it's his thinks that are in charge of mine. At least that's one aspect of D/s that we kinda mostly always get right.

The rest? Well......we're making up the rest as we go along.

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Tremolo said...

It's all we ever do.

I'm very happy for the both of you. Gives me hope.