Monday, April 5, 2010

Suspension of Aversion

On Saturday, Daddy and I went to another class. This one was planned by a good friend of ours, Topologist, and was designed as a small class to learn suspension. The teacher was someone we'd seen at Shibaricon last year and since we enjoyed her class then, Daddy thought it'd be a good way to feel more comfortable with suspensions. Sir C didn't disappoint.

Because I'm not a fan of suspension (I'll explain the reasons why in a minute), the night before the class, I'd joked with Daddy about finding him a substitute bottom. I have a couple of friends who would have loved to spend the first really nice day of Spring uncomfortably trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey in rope. OK, so it really wasn't a joke. I was looking for a way out of my predicament. Daddy however, just looked at me with disappointed eyes and said that if I really wanted to stay home and find him a substitute, it was my choice. But pretty much, I was going to go.

I put on a good face and tried to prepare for really sore arms and finding a headspace that would get me through what was bound to be a disappointing day, without disappointing Daddy too much. Trying to figure out how to smile while all you want to do is be somewhere else is difficult to say the least. We also talked about my being cooped up all day, and he'd agreed that I would be able to get outside for some sunshine during the breaks. I went into the morning with a decent headspace and with some small hope that Daddy wouldn't be too disappointed.

The class began with Sir C telling us about herself and her philosophy about suspension. As I was listening, some of the things she was saying started giving me some hope that perhaps I could figure out how to at least tolerate suspension. And I also had a teeny little bit of hope that with what she was saying....I might even like it.

When I mentioned to Sir C that I disliked suspension and Daddy said that we didn't usually do suspensions, she wondered why we were there. I told her that I was hoping to learn something that would change my mind. She asked me what I disliked so much about it. I said that there were several things:

a) it usually took too long to tie the ties necessary to get up in the air, and by the time I was, I was ready to come back down;

b) it was extremely uncomfortable being in a box-tie for the length of time it took to tie the rest of the suspension and my arms weren't able to keep that position for very long. It became painful and so it wasn't an activity that was pleasant. And I don't mean "good hurt", I mean "I can't feel my arms, fingers or do any work for days" kind of hurt.

Daddy added a third one:

c) because of the pain I experienced with my arms, and because I had to be brought back down quickly, there wasn't much time to DO anything once I was suspended.

I added that I thought that too many people teach suspension AS the play, rather than a means leading TO the play and that I really wasn't interested in "just rope".

Sir C understood what we were saying and as she said, her philosophy about suspension is somewhat different. She understands that ALL bottoms have different issues and because of that, adapting the ties, tying the arms in last (or not at all) and tying all the support lines on the floor first, are some of the ways she's found to alleviate the problems. At least the problems I've had with suspension. I was dubious. She also stressed that there's a difference in suspending for photographs (porn suspension) and suspension designed so that you can torture your bottom once they're up. I like looking at the former, but I'm not such a fan of being a picture.

We went through several suspensions. The first was a dynamic one where the bottom can move around, flip head over feet, and generally be mobile while in the air. The second was a sideways one, and the third was a sitting one.

I worked with Daddy to fix some of the issues we found during them that were unique to me. We adjusted ropes, moved things and changed the ties to make things easier on my body. And it surprised me that I wasn't uncomfortable, wasn't hurting, and wasn't ready to come back down almost immediately. I don't know right now if I enjoyed working with Daddy more or if I enjoyed the flying more. I think that I wouldn't have enjoyed flying had I not been an active participant during the tying. That's what made the difference I think. I was able to watch, learn, and help him during the tying and we worked together. That always makes a huge difference for me.

I enjoyed all three of the suspensions. So much so in fact, that I was a little disappointed that Daddy was so tired from the day and I knew that we wouldn't be doing any at the party later that night. But my disappointment was tempered by the fact that Daddy found a new way to hurt me that sent me flying....but with my feet on the ground.

Sir C was wonderful. She understands bottoms, knows that many people like suspension not for the aesthetic but for the practical. And was able to help Daddy and me learn enough to overcome both our aversion to suspension. I can't think of a better way to thank any teacher than by saying " helped me see things so differently, that you've changed my entire outlook".

So thank you to Sir C, Topologist and Daddy. Without the three of you and that class, I'd still be avoiding suspension like the end of a cattle prod. Or even more.

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