Monday, March 22, 2010

Time Flies When Having Fun: Bound in Boston VII

Saturday night at the Bound in Boston party.

Daddy and I arrived at the party around ten. It was already hot, loud and crowded and I know from experience in that space that we’re never going to be able to do the kind of scene we really like to do. And I also know that because we usually end up at the party after a long day of doing other things, we’re usually tired. Sometimes I wonder why we even bother. He knows I don’t really like the public dungeon scene in Boston. It’s not that anything is really “bad”’s just that there’s little room, too much activity in a small space, and very little actual scening going on. Maybe things are different between 2 and 3 in the morning though. Usually I hope to be in bed by then myself.

At that party, Daddy started tying me. And he’d told me right off the bat that he just wanted to “try something” He said it would be something “between a scene and a practice”. I figured that because we were both kind of tired from the day, that he’d just wanted to practice what he’d learned, and it would be more of the latter.

When he’s practicing, I’ll admit that I don’t have to have all my attention on what he’s doing. I get distracted with other things. He still spends a lot of time getting the rope looking “just right”, which now that I think about it, could be why I waffle between loving and hating rope. Sometimes it’s great. But I don’t really get all rope-spacey anymore. We practice too much and don’t play with it nearly enough. I can’t remember the last time I was rope high. But I always remember the last time I was the dining room chair.

But anyway...he was tying me. And when he’d finished he told me to sit on his lap. Which coincidentally, was located on a chair right next to the entrance. I ended up at eye level to all of the really cool shoes that were walking in the door. And when Daddy noticed my distraction, he gently tapped my face and told me to pay attention to him. I really wanted to and I really tried...but every damned time a new pair of shoes walked past me, I just looked at him and said “sorry, but I’m distracted by the shoes”.

I think we could both feel that things were going to end up spiraling if we didn’t make an effort to stop them. He asked me what I wanted to do. He asked me what would make me happy. I was waffling again between not giving a shit what we did to wondering if there was any room to do much of anything. That’s when he just picked up his bag, grabbed my hand, and moved us toward the back room.

We found an open table and Daddy began spanking me. It wasn’t a punishment, but something that I’d asked for a few days earlier. But that spanking got my endorphins running and I’d thought about what he’d asked me a few minutes earlier. Namely...”what did I want to do that would make me happy?” And my brat showed up.

Now we’ve never really had a full-on “Brat” scene. Normally I incorporate a bit of brat play into our scenes, but I’ve never really taken out my brat for a full on scene. And since daddy and I don’t really discuss scenes before we start, I’d never really thought that it was appropriate to surprise him like that. But since he DID ask me what would make me happy....

He cropped. He caned. He clothespinned. He spanked, and he tied me....and throughout it all, I brought my brat out. I “helped” him to tie me to the table by removing my hands from the ties that he’d already done. I while he was clothespinning my thighs, I unzipped his pants and grabbed his dangly bits. I laughed, I squirmed, I loopholed and I had a wonderful time making things not so easy for Daddy. We both knew that at any time he could have told me to stop and I would have. But he knew that the surest way for both of us to have fun was to laugh together. He still got a heck of a beating on me (not to mention duplicate and symmetrical bites on my ass), but I got to just let loose, react without thinking how things would be viewed by anyone else, and we got to have a hell of a time together doing it. And as a bonus, I attacked his belly button again. He has got the most adorable laugh with that one. I really wish I had been a spectator in that scene because I’m still not sure exactly what happened. All I really know is that we were both laughing so hard that I lost all sense of what was happening.

But the oddest thing happened while we were concentrating on trying to outwit each other. I was barely getting started when Daddy suddenly stopped. He stroked me, untied me and sat me up. I was worried that I’d done something terribly wrong but I’d had such a wonderful time, instead of worrying it to death (like I’d normally do) I asked him “what had I done wrong?”.

That’s when he just looked at me and told me that he was tired from the work. Resistance play with a brat took a lot out of him and he needed to stop. He assured me that I’d done absolutely nothing wrong. We packed up, and tried to wend our way through another scene that had nearly taken over the entire dungeon. We said our goodbyes, had a few last minute conversations with people and made our way to the car. I was exhilarated and daddy was exhausted.

During the drive back to the hotel, I told him how badly I’d felt for letting the brat out in full force and causing him to work so hard. But I also wondered if he was feeling ok. Pretty much I said that it was a really short scene and that ten minutes shouldn’t have caused that much problem.

That’s when he just looked at me and said, “darling, it’s after one in the morning. We scened for a hell of lot longer than 10 minutes and you wore me out”.

I was horrified. But that’s when I realized that when letting my brat run so freely, and with Daddy allowing the brat to have freedom to play, I not only lost all sense of what was happening, but I’d also lost all sense of time. We were playing for a really long time, and I thought only 10 minutes or so had passed.

Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Even if the bottom doesn’t end up flying. :)

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puresecrets said...

sounds like you two had a wonderful time! i love those play times when you lose all sense of time and what is around you