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One of the key things that makes brat behavior acceptable to tops is compatibility of goals and style. You wouldn't want to try brat behavior with a dom who insisted on rigid protocol, had hundreds of immutable rules for behavior and lacked a sense of humor. And there are doms like that out there. They're great doms for subs who want that sort of dynamic. They're poor choices for subs who can't seem to keep the laughter from escaping.

Compatibility of goals and style means that for certain kinds of play, brat behavior is more, or less, desired by the top. Roleplay and predicament play are two kinds of activities where being a brat can mean the difference between a wonderful scene, and one where you sort of get stuck in the middle and it fizzles. If you've ever played the "naughty" anything, you've engaged in some sort of brat behavior.

Brat play runs the gamut from exploiting loopholes, escape artists, letter of the law, sudden impulses, resistance play, and turning tables.

My personal specialty is loopholes.

Finding and exploiting loopholes is just another way of creatively solving a problem. The problem that is usually the easiest to exploit is that a top hasn't been specific enough. Telling a submissive to stand in a particular spot, leaves a lot of wiggle room for interpretation. A brat can and will exploit that loophole to bring something else to the table.

A loopholer will listen carefully to instruction and then put their brain into overdrive to find a way to conform to the command, while at the same time not exactly doing what the top may expect. Brats do this to see if their top is paying attention, because of boredom, or in my case, because I like to just see Daddy laugh.

Loopholers play by the tops' rules...always. We do exactly as we're told. It's not our fault that we're not told everything is it?

Loopholes are found by simply listening to your top and doing exactly as they tell you.....and then some. Unfortunately, I've never yet found a way to exploit the same loophole twice. Daddy IS a smart cookie too.....and he learns rather quickly.

A classic example of loopholing is here.

But not all loopholes are created equally. Sometimes, the loopholes are created by the top in order to lead you down a path that has no good outcome for a brat. Well, "good outcome" meaning that the brat is going to lose.

An example of a loophole gone toppy is when playing the Choices game. If you've never played that one, let me tell you that THERE IS NO WAY TO POSSIBLY WIN, but also, there's no way we can avoid trying to win anyway. I think that one's genetic to bratty bottoms. We're compelled somehow to try to win, and even knowing the inevitability of defeat, we're gonna be damned. It's one of those games that makes my brain melt, and my panic buttons go into overdrive. Trying to figure out just what a top means, trying to anticipate what they're going to do, and having no way in hell you're ever going to figure it out.

Tickling is another loophole filled activity that drives me insane. I hate to be tickled, but not enough to put it on my DO NOT TRY THIS list. Besides, I like to laugh and I really like Daddy's laugh. A fun torture Daddy thought up was to give me a choice: I could laugh or I could move. Finding a loophole while he's doing that is tough. Usually I'll choose moving over laughing and bite the inside of my lips in order to gain the advantage. Or so I think.

You see, what's not really fair in the loophole game is that the top can remove the loophole you've found after you've found it. So when he says, "you can laugh or move" and I start wiggling off the bed, he then says "now don't move your ass from that spot". Usually, I'll try to push him, block his attacks, and flail my arms in a vain attempt to try to protect my stomach. In which case, then he'll say "now put your hands above your head". The loophole with that one is that the pillows are usually above my head, and he didn't actually SAY to leave my hands there. I'll generally grab a pillow and try to wedge it around my stomach in order to stop the tickling. You get the idea. For everything he SAYS for me to do, my job as a brat is to find a way to do it, while trying to stop the torture he's inflicting on me. Listening to the tops' command, figuring out where the wiggle room is, and then exploiting it is brat behavior.

This usually results in a scene where the bed is a mess, I'm laughing so hard that I can't breathe, and Daddy is laughing because he's taken every possible loophole away from me until he's won and I'm a pile of girl goo lying on the bed and happy in my defeat. Nothing fair and square about it..but it sure is a HELL of a time for both of us.

The thing to remember about loopholes is that while they're plugging away at closing the loopholes, and you're struggling to find just one more....a brat realizes that at the end they're always going to be beat. Pun definitely intended here. And a beautiful brat is gracious in their defeat and always rewards their top for winning.

I'll just bet you know how I reward my Daddy.

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