Friday, March 12, 2010

Just Ranting

I’m angry.

You see, I’ve decided to take a step onto the other side of the bdsm fence and try my hand at topping. I talked to Daddy about this, and he’s watching what happens. I’m sure he’s got some kind of bug in his brain. We’ll see.

What I’m angry about is that I’ve been contacted by thirty-six different men on Fetlife since beginning my profile about a month ago. Thirty-six men who share one thing in common. They don’t have the first clue in hell about how to talk to a woman. I've dealt with the horny net geeks on my submissive profile. I expect a certain amount of that. And I've also dealt with the wanna-be-domlies who decide that just because I'm a submissive, I must kneel and kiss their ass.

But it surprised me that there were SO many male subs that behaved the same way.

I have a simple request on my profile. And a simple command to follow. And to date, not one of those men have apparently even bothered to read the profile. I know this, because in all of their emails to me, without exception, all of them have talked solely about THEIR kink. These men, for whatever reason, couldn’t read one paragraph, and follow one simple instruction. I simply cannot entertain the thought of becoming friends with someone who thinks that their only value is in kink. And I certainly don’t want to top someone who is that stupid........ or one who thinks that I am.

I’ve been contacted by “masters” of the ripe age of 25 who are "just getting into this" and (as you might guess) want me to spank them. I’ve had messages from men telling me all they wanted was to come on my feet and watch me lick it off. I’ve had messages from men telling me that they’re married and not looking for anything permanent, that their wives don’t understand, that they need to worship my feet, that they would do anything I asked if only I’d give them what they needed...if only I'd feed their kink. If only. Telling me about their kink, their fantasies, and what they’d like for me to do to them.

And it occurs to me that the other thing that all of those men also have in common is that none have asked anything about me. I assume it’s because (as my twit-friend kahlanas says) they’d fuck anything with a vag and tits. I know that humiliation is a big kink, but selfhumiliation is unattractive. I can only assume that this kind of thing must work generally. Otherwise they wouldn't do it.

I wonder though. Do male doms get the same kinds of messages? Or is this strictly a side-effect of the horny net geek syndrome? I’d bet my poison-ivy subby badge that this behavior is almost 100% on the male side.

End Rant

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