Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brat Behavior in Rope

Ropeflowers, ropebunnies, ropesluts, dining room chairs. All names for bottoms who really enjoy being in rope. I enjoy being in rope, but I'm more of a ropebrat than a flower or bunny.

But on the plus side, it has made Daddy a better ropetop.

Daddy and I both enjoy playing with rope. But because we teach rope classes, we tend practice with rope a lot more often than play with it. I think it's one of those things that is termed a "busman's vacation". And because practice is FAR different than play, often I'm just taking the place of the dining room chair. I'm no more than a curvy dummy with tits while he's learning a new tie. I know he has to pay attention to what he's doing in order to learn the tie and figure out the best way to teach it, and he does want my input on the ties from the bottomside. So, because it is practice or teaching, I do usually behave myself and help him out, at least for a while....but brat can't help it.

Bratting in rope is more difficult to do, mostly because you're tied up. Once you learn some tricks, you're good to let your brat out. However, I'm not going to tell all the specific tricks that I have up my sleeve. Daddy's not onto all of them yet and I'm not ready to blow my future brat chances with this one. If you'd like to know them, attend one of our classes and ask me. I'll be happy to fill you in.

I would also like to mention here that while doing suspension bondage, it's definitely NOT a good idea to engage in ropebrat behavior. Suspension isn't for beginners or the untrained, and because it is one of the more dangerous forms of rope play, this is one time where it's not a good idea to "leave yourself an out". Ropework for suspension must be done properly and that means that as a bottom, your job is not to brat, but to pay attention. Ropes that are too loose during suspension are just as bad as ropes that are too tight.

To brat properly in rope, one of the first things you have to learn to do is to be able to switch your breathing back and forth between belly breathing and chest breathing. You need to do this in order to give yourself that extra little bit of room so that the ropes aren't as tight as your top thinks they are.

Bratting in rope helps if you've got small wrists, long fingers, or nails. And it's also good to know that rope, all rope, eventually loosens when wiggling (ok, so maybe wet hemp IS an exception). It's one of those things that is like the is like the Grand Canyon...time and erosion. Or in rope's case...time and separation and pressure. Given enough time and enough wiggling, there's no rope that can't be gotten out of. Mostly this is because rope that IS truly inescapable, is what I call "unsafe by definition" and usually involves rope around the neck and slipknots. This is a BAD idea.

So, eeling out of rope is a ropebrat behavior. I know that there's a LOT of ropebottoms who don't WANT to get out of rope, no matter if they could or not, but for those that might want to change things up a bit from time to time, here's a few scenarios detailing ropebrat behavior.

Daddy and I were practicing rope preparing for the second Bound in Boston. He'd spent a LOT of time on a tie, trying to figure out the best way to show others how to tie a particular tie. My hands were tied behind my back, and he thought it was a pretty good job. (It looked beautiful by the way) And because I was patient, helpful, and unbratty during the tying, after he'd gotten done, he thought it would be a great idea to break out the riding crop and reward me for being so patient.

Daddy has a LOT of rope and toys. And trying to find one lone black crop in the black toybag in a semi-dark room was a bit of a challenge. He thought he'd taken it out, but he couldn't find it with all of the rope and other toys around. I looked down and saw the crop, removed my hand from the tie, and bent down and grabbed the crop and handed it to him. And then put my hand back into the rope and acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

He, however, looked at me like I'd just farted in church. And with a grin on his face, he untied me, tied me again, this time so he thought I couldn't escape, and then bent me over to pay for my earlier transgression.

As soon as I was on the floor, bent over, with my ass in the air, ready to be cropped, he stopped and asked me if I could get out of the rope. Now I was faced with a difficult choice. Do I tell Daddy that I could? Show him I could? Or tell him what a fantabulous job he'd done and that I was stuck, but good?

What is brat to do when faced with such a choice? You see, he'd never told me that I wasn't supposed to get out of the rope....and I really would have liked the crop just then. Decisions...decisions. I have plenty of tricks to leave myself some wiggle room with rope in order to eel out of it. Now I had to decide if it would be better to tell him I could do it, show him I could, or pretend that he'd just put me in the best, mostly domly tie evah!

I looked up at Daddy, and with a twinkle in my eye, I said "what do you think"? (knowing when to twinkle and evade is also brat behavior, but for another time). And Daddy, knowing me pretty well, just rolled his eyes at me and said "show me". And then I proceeded to remove my hand from the tie, and scratch my nose. This, by the way, is when he instituted the "nothing for myself in his rope rule".

But eeling out of rope isn't the ONLY brat behavior that can be fun.

Recently, we'd been practicing some chest harnesses that he wants to teach at the upcoming Bound in Boston. Since chest harnesses don't involve ties on wrists generally, my hands were left free. We'd practiced several times and I was becoming bored. He also wouldn't let me turn on the TV. It's difficult for me sometimes to stand, be in rope, and not get turned on or drop into my happy place. But while he's practicing, he needs for me to talk to him about the tie, how things feel, and even to remember how he's done something so that he can ask me later "now how did we do that?"

Since my hands were free, and I was nearing the end of my rope (so to speak), I thought it would be fun to see if I could distract him. I started by caressing his face, turning in the opposite direction, stepping on the tails, pushing my tits into his chest, and generally wiggling and making a nuisance of myself. While I was doing this, I'd also started unbuttoning his shirt. Sometimes I unbutton his pants. I started whispering things in his ear, and fondling his ass. I've already talked about the "necknuzzling" for an itchy nose in another post. But there is also the "I need to tell you something" and "may I please have a kiss" that also works to get your top within nose scratching distance.

Generally, the brat that comes out during this kind of ropeplay is one that knows that he's almost finished with his "work" and tries to get him to either come out of his own rope headspace and notice me and start to play, or to firmly "put me in my place". I'm looking for attention, sure. I'll be the first to admit that rope and I are friends....but I want the attention from Daddy with the rope. The rope alone is meaningless.

I can stop myself from dropping into ropespace. I have small hands and wrists, and I am a switch breather. I've also learned to tie the knots for the purpose of "knowing your enemy" kind of thing. If you know how things are tied, you're not only able to help your top with practice, but you're also better able to eel out of the rope. Bratting in rope isn't something I do every time I'm in rope. But it does tend to remind Daddy that I like to PLAY in rope and that his rope means more to me than just practice. Sometimes being a brat in rope is meant solely to remind your top that they're tying a person...and not the dining room chair.

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i have small wrist and hands...long fingers...and nails. *tee hee* good to know for future reference! ;)