Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Little Less Lassitude Would Be Nice

The weekend is closing in and despite my saner self, I’m really looking forward to spending time with Daddy.

We didn’t get much time together last weekend, and I really felt the effects of that. So much so, that Daddy ended up sitting through a movie that I’m sure he didn’t care for all that much, just so that I could huff his scent and snuggle next to him in the middle of the week. I felt badly that I’d been so needy for him that he’d blown off the things he had to do, simply so we could spend a few hours together. But he told me that he’d made the choice, so there was nothing for me to feel guilty about. This was one time that I decided to actually listen to what he said, without trying to dig any deeper. I needed him, he was there. Verdict: Not Guilty.

But, back to this weekend. We’ve got a lot of things coming up over the next few months. Pretty much right up until June things are gonna be a bit tight, timewise. We’ve got the Fetish Flea, the Bound in Boston, a trip for the holidays, a private class, and ending with Shibaricon. And that’s just the “main events”. That doesn’t include all the smaller kink related and vanilla things we attend, either separately or together: Boston Rope Artists Guild, munches, parties, MOB rope group, Bondage get what I mean.

And, there’s some things that I’m juggling around. How to coordinate moving, finding a new job, renewing my drivers license, getting new car insurance, making sure the health insurance can translate into MA, packing, tossing, selling, making a decision about Trouble, all the while trying to keep the job I have, prepare classes, take care of the other personal vanilla and kink sites that I am affiliated with.....and somehow....I’ve gotta figure out how to stop feeling so exhausted all the time.

I’m back to not sleeping very well again. It’s been so long since it’s been a problem, that I’ve almost forgotten how to deal with this exhaustion. Coffee only helps for a little while. What I really need is exercise, relaxation, laughter, sunshine, and daddy. It’s been a long ass winter and I’m ready for a little spring in my step right about now.

So this weekend, I’ll spend time with daddy. We'll talk about scheduling, rules, conditions and coordination about the move, I'll be putting the finishing touches on my Flea class and maybe spending some time on a hobby or two. I also hope to get a much needed haircut and manicure. Hopefully, if the weather is nice, getting outside for some sunshine. And if I’m really lucky, we'll play with some rope. I do have a couple of new ties I learned last night.

But what I really want to do the most of is spending some time simply being wrapped in his arms so that I can find a decent night’s sleep.

And I’ll even let him pick the movie.

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