Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fetish Flea: Daddy Knows Best

This past weekend was the Fetish Fair Fleamarket. It was also kind of an anniversary for Daddy and me.

I'd spent a lot of time prepping for the Flea. I'd been asked to teach at this Flea, and I was scheduled for three different classes. To say my focus was not on Daddy was an understatement. But he couldn't have made things easier on me.

On Friday night, we planned a last minute tweetup in the hotel bar. We also found out that my limit on martinis is one. Two just made me too silly. And Saturday morning was spent trying to make my head stop pounding. It's been a long time since I've had that much gin. Afterwards, we'd found some friends, I spent some time in the puppy room, and we went to a caning class held by Countess.

Saturday, I spent most of the day in my classes. The intro to bdsm panel discussion, followed by the bottom/sub/slave solutions one. By the time those two panels ended, I was pretty much toast. I hadn't eaten, I had very little to drink, and I'd spent a lot of time thinking and discussing various issues. While I love to talk, four hours of it with people I didn't know, while trying not to make an ass of myself, drained me. I had about an hour before I was scheduled to join Daddy in the bondage lounge to teach another class.

I'm not really sure what I looked like, but if my outside matched what I felt inside at that point of the day, it's no wonder Daddy decided that I was in no condition to do anything except sit, relax, and eat. He told me that he'd find another partner for his class. And as frazzled as I was by that time, I almost started to cry. I was upset that Daddy wanted to tie someone else, and angry with myself that I'd just spent four hours or so doing other things, when I could have been with Daddy and getting ready for the rope. But then I realized that Daddy knows me better than myself sometimes. I realized that he wasn't "taking it out on me" and denying me rope because he was upset about my teaching; and I realized that he wanted to tie me if I'd been in any condition for it. I also realized that he was worried about me and that he thought the best thing for me wasn't to be in another class, but to have some time to myself and a little retail therapy. I made a half-hearted attempt to change his mind, but realized that he was right. I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the rope.

By the end of the day, I'd regained some equilibrium, we'd found some dinner, and we ate pizza and ice cream in bed. I love vacations when Daddy stretches his own rules about food in the bedroom. And by the end of the night, I was happy, mostly stress free (I did have my class to worry over), well fed, and content to just lie next to Daddy and sleep. I heard that we missed some nice parties, but even so, the party that I had alone with Daddy was worth missing them for.

On Sunday, Daddy woke up not feeling wonderful. His throat was bothering him. I immediately started to think about replanning our day so that I would be able to keep an eye on him. And by that, I mean to be able to get the things he needed to be able to feel better. I got dressed for the day. On Saturday night, I'd pulled out a skirt to wear to the parties and when daddy saw it, he loved it. When I got dressed on Sunday, he told me to wear it. At first, I thought he was being mean. It was a Very Long Skirt. And not really something I'd wear usually. But to make him happy I wore it. I worried that people would laugh and think I was on my way to a funeral, but Daddy insisted.

We packed, had our bags taken care of and went back to the Flea. We met a friend in the lobby, and while she was hugging me, she told me I looked beautiful in my outfit. My brat was full out that morning and I whispered into her ear "daddy made me wear it, do me a favor and tell him that I look strange in it". Jules didn't disappoint me and looked at Daddy with her sweet eyes and said that I looked a little odd wearing such a long skirt. Daddy looked up at me with apologetic eyes and then I laughed and told him what I'd asked Jules to do. He laughed and gave me his "I told you so" face. I just smiled and said that I still thought I looked silly. But during the day, several people told me how much they liked what I was wearing. At first I started looking at Daddy trying to figure out if he'd played the opposite joke on me. Then I realized that he hadn't. He was right again. He'd seen the skirt, saw the completed outfit, thought I was beautiful in it, and he knew that others would too. He knew me better than myself again.

We did a little shopping and bought a few things. Daddy bought me a pink and black furry flogger (it WAS Valentine's Day) and a really awesome vibrator. Then we headed to my class. I took a page out of Mollena's book and thanked people individually for coming. And then I started. I was thankful that LadyD had come and that Daddy was there. Although I did use Daddy as an example once or twice, he knew that I was going to do that. I'd wanted to have a demo-top for a while (I LOVE the idea of a demo-top) and it seemed like a good time to do it. The class went pretty well and I got a lot of new ideas to tighten it up for the next time. From Daddy. He may never have bottomed, but he's a great top. And since we spend a lot of time discussing ideas, getting the point of view from the other side is very important to me.

The day finished up after Daddy went to Midori's Interrogation class, while I stayed in the Bondage Lounge to just watch the rope. We drove home, talking about the weekend, and just unwinding together. All in all, the Flea was pretty good for me. I'd learned something even more important about Daddy than I did at the first one we'd attended together. I learned that when it comes to me, what I really need, what I look good in, and what makes me happy, Daddy really does know me best.

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Tori said...

Hi Silverdreams!

I'm the woman who was knitting near you in the lobby on Sunday morning, and I'm so happy I had the pleasure of attending your class shortly after! Which was a total coincidence, by the way, I had no idea who you were!

I guess I'm just writing to say thank you again, I learned a lot in your class and had a great time. I wish I had the opportunity to talk with both you and Daddy more but had an obligation shortly after your class.

It was a pleasure meeting both of you!


P.S. Daddy was right - the outfit was fantastic!