Friday, January 8, 2010

Loopholes and Laughter

A friend said in her class the other night that brats are “non-submissive bottoms”. I got to thinking about that statement. Since I’m pretty submissive (usually), but I’m also a brat, I wondered if that’s what makes people think I’m a switch sometimes. I think that brats CAN be submissive bottoms....but the submissive part only happens after the brat can have her turn first.

Although I am Daddy’s submissive, I suppose that I am a brat. As a fairly smart, semi-professional, capable, competent woman, I enjoy not only kneeling at his feet and taking care of him, but I also enjoy his willingness to let me always TRY to win the game. That I haven’t yet doesn’t make it less fun...and that I likely never WILL....doesn’t make me want to quit trying. Daddy himself says that he’s into “compliance play” and not “resistance play”. So that does put a different spin on my particular brand of brattiness. How to “comply” while still “resisting”? Daddy calls what I do “topping from the middle”. I like that phrase. It suits the quirkiness that happens when neither of us can plan what happens.

I’ll be the first to admit that I will sometimes push boundaries until Daddy gets that grumpy look in his eyes and pulls my hair. I’ll tease, flirt, and challenge him just to see if he can beat me at my own game (he always does). I love to laugh, let loose and be fairly and squarely defeated (or, with Daddy...sometimes NOT so fairly and squarely). I do things with Daddy that make him laugh. We enjoy each other. Word games, puns, and predicaments are a few of the things that we really enjoy when just lying next to each other and enjoying each other’s company. He knows where all those fun buttons of mine are, and he pushes them in random order as often as possible. For me, the mind-fuck, the thinking, the challenge to try, and the acceptance of my inevitable defeat are things that make being a brat worthwhile.

My brat style is mostly finding the loopholes. He understands about loopholes. His religion is full of them. It doesn’t make it any easier on Daddy, I’m sure, to have a brat whose day job is filled with rules, regulations, formality, and precedent...and filled with trying to find a loophole or a new way of looking at the same thing.

A while back, we’d been playing when he told me to take my clothes off and get my ass in the air. I know exactly what he means when he says that. I don’t know what he’ll DO to me when I’m like that, but the position is a very familiar one. It could be that I’ll be spanked, tied, tickled, made to suck his cock, otherwise tortured or even fucked. Any or all of them is fine with me. He’d gotten up to go to another room and told me he expected me to be ready when he got back. I’ve ALSO learned that his “right back” isn’t necessarily the same as my “right back”.

I jumped out of bed, tore my clothes off and got into position. But this time, it was damned cold in the house. Being naked anywhere wasn’t something pleasant, and because I have an extremely low tolerance for being cold, I lasted about 20 seconds before I started shivering.

This is when being a brat is a natural ability and something that I’ll never likely be able to change. I didn’t even think about anything except: a) how I could do what Daddy asked and b) how could I stop freezing my tits off?

I did what any normal person would do under the circumstances. I got naked, put my ass up in the air (the things he requested) AND I put the comforter over me (the Loophole).

When Daddy came back into the room, I really wish I could have seen his face. But his voice asking “WHAT THE FUCK?!” and his cracking up laughing was enough for me to know that, while he probably didn’t think that I’d complied, when he realized what I’d done....he also realized that I’d found that loophole that he’d left.

Does he like me finding the loopholes? I think he does. It makes our play fun, fluid, and gives each of us a chance to get what we really like from each other. I get to be his submissive by complying with his wishes (although I also get to feed that teeny streak of resistance that I enjoy), while he gets a woman who can make him laugh, think, and gladly pay for her transgressions.

I’ll just have to remember to hide the cane before doing anything like that the next time :)


Jade said...

I really enjoyed this post. I think love, laughter & BDSM all go perfectly together, and it sounds like you have a perfect grasp of that in your relationship.

In my relationship with my SO, which is not based on BDSM but which incorporates it into our sex-play, I often "brat" in just this way. And I consider myself a submissive bottom, for the most part.

There are so many wonderful, unique ways to do what we do and gain satisfaction from it!


desiree said...

This post put a smile on my face! Thanks!

My Master likes the bit of challenge as well. Finding loopholes and feigning innocence has worked well so far for me, but it's also improved his spelling out specifics of his directions. :-)

gotta keep things interesting!