Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Conversation with Radagast22

Day 2 of my quest for Dirty Talk ended with a conversation with my best guy friend (BGF), Radagast22. We'd had other things to discuss. Most notably among the topics of conversation were his recent flogging by Countess (which he drooled over), the odd sense of morality found in kinky people (another post for another time), his upcoming visit with Strawberry Crush (also known as Mistress Fun Sucker), and his fascination (not to mention mine) with Daddy's face changing from the "nice guy" into the "mean sadistic, evil bastard" within a couple of seconds. He's noticed it and finds it as intriguing as I do.

And quite understandably, we talked about my latest jump into the abyss.

We'd gotten around to talking about dirty talk when he mentioned (in his usual way)...."you know....maybe if you tried using other words......like "man meat"....it might help.

To which I choked on my oreos and dropped the phone.

I love Radagast22. He always can make me look at a weird situation and make it even weirder.

But we'd talked for a while and he did say something I found really helpful in all that hilarity. He echoed Coyotetoo's thoughts on my first post about this. In order for me to talk dirty, I obviously need...ahem...somebody to point me in the direction, and that hearing dirty talk from someone sometimes makes it easier to continue with it from this direction.

I looked around some more and found something called "echoing".

Now, I've done "mirroring" in the past. You know....touch here, and reciprocate in tenor and intensity, but why it never occurred to me to try this with dirty talking is puzzling. Could it be what someone from twitter DM'd me about? That I really have a problem with this because I'm "afraid of being humiliated"? That made me think. Am I really afraid of humiliation play?


I've done things which any non-kinky person would find humiliating, but there ARE kinds of humiliation that are currently on my "list". Yeah...THAT list. Daddy and I have played around with humiliation a bit and it hasn't turned out very well. It's another work in process.

Perhaps the biggest humiliation thing is something that Daddy calls a "Russian". (What did people EVER do before the internet?) I call it tit-fucking and I don't like it. To me, it's humiliation with a capital NO. I've got a general idea of why, it's not that I've had bad experiences with it...but it's just one of those things where I "could be anyone". And I spent a lot of years learning that not only am a NOT anyone....I'm worthy and deserving of being someone.
But since it's not on my list (yes, THAT one), and I find it kind of unfair to change things now, and because Daddy IS a mean, evil bastard at times...I know that this is one that I'm going to have to figure out as well.

But back to cocksucking....er, I mean talking dirty while cocksucking.

Perhaps I can take that feeling....humiliation....and turn it into some really dirty talk. Now, that could be interesting.

Oh, and I found this little gem, in case anyone's interested: Dirty Talk

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B. Playful said...

I am sort of jaded. My "ex" and I used to joke about her ability to talk dirty, shocking and very sexual. She could easily do a 1-900 line.

I don't know why but it is easy. You just take a flirt, stretch it in a way making it more raw, or kinky, or perverted or dirty or a combination.

You just have to remove a limit or two or three and ennoy the reaction. It doesn't work constantly but it is hot.

I love the fact that in a small whisper timed at the right time or over the phone at an awkward but intimate moment "oh for dinner? mmmm just you cooked in your own juices!"

Yep very yummy. Ooops did I just say that?