Friday, November 27, 2009

World, Meet Universe

Thanksgiving brought both pieces of my world together in one place for the first time. The worlds didn't exactly collide, they just sort of bounced off each other as a first pass.

I brought daddy home for Thanksgiving this year. He met my kids and my parents...along with other assorted relatives and friends. He and I were both nervous as hell. My nervousness stemmed from how my kids would react to someone not their father in my life; while his stemmed from just meeting everyone for the first time. I know that was unfair of me to do that, but I figured the more people around, the less likely it would be that he'd have to be the center of their attention. This is one time that I thought that he'd be quite alright without that.

The day went pretty well. Nobody was too tweaked. They seem to have liked him. I didn't receive any phone calls. And the highest praise came from my son, who said that daddy was "cool". (because he watches StarGate)

I smiled and thought "yeah, I think he's cool, too".

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