Friday, November 6, 2009


The amazing thing about this dynamic is that it’s not as fragile as you’d think. Maybe because it’s so intensive and so concentrated it’s a lot harder to rock this foundation. It’s not easy for a Daddy to fall from grace so to speak. There is an infallible way that a little girl looks at her Daddy. Even when he makes mistakes or fails at something, she never sees it that way. There is nothing that he could ever do outside of her that would ever make her look at him as anything less than a hero. She fights to hold onto that image of her Daddy just as diligently as he fights to maintain it.

I was reading some older Fetlife threads the other night and I ran across a posting by babygirlpoet. Now I have to say that I don't generally like what I find being posted about D/lg relationships. They're either much too esoteric or much too age-play. This is a dynamic that is very often misunderstood to mean diapers, binkies, and potty training. Either that or some sort of sick twisted incest fantasy thing.

But the above quote is one I keep coming back to. It was part of a larger (more esoteric) post about Daddy/lilgirl relationships. And it was something that I'd been thinking about especially considering Sir's current mind milieu (I had to use that word, sorry). I think I'd tried to put that feeling into words before, but this seemed to just do it in a way that was so simple. That's a lot of my problem...I'm complicated. Sometimes simple works best. Yet another rope metaphor!

And I think this is something that Daddy needs to hear right now. There's nothing he could do, say, or think that would make me think of him as anything less than the Daddy I love. As bad as things get, as fucked up as both our lives can be apart, the one thing that won't happen is that he'll ever be anything less than perfect.

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