Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Questions for the Day

Questions from cruising Fetlife today:

Why do subs forget that they're a person first and think that just because they're submissive that every dominant is going to be a perfect fit every time just because the D and the s parts are supposed to work that way?

Why do people in general need to win an online argument with someone they've never met, will likely never want to meet, and forget that there's a vast difference between fantasy, opinion and fact?

Why do subs read "those books" and then try to model their search upon them? Why can't they just remember that "those books" were fantasy or opinion?

Why are there people who think that they have all the answers when it comes to bdsm? When someone finally admits that they're just as confused by all the rhetoric, theory, and "one twue way" (which always means that you're doing it wrong) THAT is the person I really want to have a conversation with.

And why do some people forget that if you're reading something you don't like, if someone's opinion makes your blood boil, if their fantasies and fetishes are just too creepy for you to think about....why can't they just find that darned back button?

Carry on.

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