Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Dom, My Cat

I’ve been having a bit of an argument with my kitty.

Trouble seems to think that he’s something of a four-legged furry dom. He hogs the bed, growls when he’s hungry, he pushes me around, scratches me when he wants attention, needs copious amounts of sleep and time to do cat things, he loves rope, and demands tummy rubs, cuddles, and assorted playtime fun upon demand. I’ve giggled over the thought that doms and cats have so much in common when I’d started to think about it!

I’d worried about how the two of them would get along. Daddy likes long as they’re other people’s pets; and Trouble is something of an attention whore. Plus, Trouble really likes chasing Daddy’s rope which sometimes leaves Trouble in the doghouse and Daddy with a nasty scratch. I’ve tried to mediate that one at least, but both kind of have an affinity for rope.....just that one likes to chase the tails, while the other likes to tie the girl with them. They reached somewhat of an understanding about that one though. Daddy hissed louder and Trouble tucked tail and now watches Daddy with narrow eyes and a serious quiver in his tail.

Trouble sleeps with me when Daddy isn’t there. He’s cuddly and comforting and his purr lulls me to sleep on those nights that I just can’t find sleep on my own. The downside is that he often spoons me, smacks my eyelids when I’m asleep, and wakes up at the crack of dawn berating me because he hasn’t eaten in like two and a half hours. That, and he has a serious issue in chasing imaginary beings around the house at full throttle, and at top voice.

I really like having Trouble around. He reminds me of a smaller, louder, and furrier version of Daddy. Trouble misses me when I'm with Daddy.

But matter WHAT that cat thinks...I am not owned by him!

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