Monday, September 14, 2009

Day One of Bound in Boston

Saturday at Bound in Boston was wonderful.

We'd gone to the NEDS class Friday night before the BinB. Princess Kali was holding a Role Play class and due to a series of fortunate events, Daddy and I ended up attending the class. It was a good thing that we did, because I took part of what I learned at that class and put it to good use it later.

But Saturday morning, we'd gotten up, I got breakfast while was Daddy was in the shower, he teased me a little about the amount of luggage I'd brought for an overnight, and off we went to the BinB. We got ready for Daddy's class which was the first one of the Con. We really didn't know what to expect or how many people would be there. I was surprised at how many new people we had in that class and was excited for Daddy. He used his "everyone should get a Wendy" joke (which always gets a laugh because it's so funny) and we started on the chest harness that we'd practiced a few days earlier.

It is usually so odd being in rope as a practice bottom in a class, but this time it felt different. Although Daddy was teaching, and therefore his attention was on his students, I felt his attention on me this time. He was careful, caring and sweet while tying the harness. I actually got a little floaty from the attention this time, which hardly ever happens when we're teaching but sure was a very nice way to start off the day.

After teaching the harness, and single/double column ties, we walked around and helped the students with their ties. This is the one reason that I'm learning rope. Daddy can't do it all himself and I think he likes me to be able to help others learn what he's teaching. Daddy's class went well I think. His sense of humor and fun comes out when he's got an audience.

After a short break, and after talking to a lot of friends, we ended up in Murphy Blue's office hours. When Daddy asked me if I wanted some rope on me, I hesitated for about three seconds and then said that I didn't know what we could possibly do.

He just looked at me and his eyes said 'trust me'.

He started tying a backwards takatekote. It's not easy to turn that one around and there were some problems. It alleviated pressure on my sternum, but left too much play in with the hands. But the really interesting thing that happened during the tie, was that Daddy was in front of me, we were talking, and working together to figure it out. I had a wonderful time in Daddy's rope but something occurred to the both of us at that moment. Takatekotes are usually tied in the back, and therefore the top's focus and attention are behind the bottom. Because we had to tie to backwards, Daddy was in front of me. That small thing made a lot of difference in the dance this time and was enough for me to learn to enjoy Daddy's ropes again.

But we were having trouble locking it off enough, so he asked Lee Harrington for some tips.

When Lee (who was very much in demand) took a look, he got out some rope and showed Daddy a really great way to lock down the tie. It was an "AHA" moment and one that was very cool for the both of us I think.

We split up after that class, Daddy went to Dov's Predicament Bondage, while I went to Lady Death's Cock and Ball tie class. I'd wanted to go to support Lady D and I think Daddy understood that. Since Dov's class was a demo rather than a hands-on, it worked out. I left that early though because I didn't really want to tie someone, I'd just wanted to see it done. It was purely for educational purposes this time!

After that, Daddy and I went to the room to relax. I really wasn't up to attending P's class. We were both still angry with him, and I really wasn't up to playing with rope that way. We had dinner with Lady D and S, and had a really nice relaxing time. After that, we went back to our room to get ready for the party.

The party was one of the nicest we'd been to. Everyone was playing, or if they weren't they were respectful and aware. We did make a little mistake when I was tied to the cross and getting spanked, but it really was little and we fixed it immediately. My chest did hurt a little more after that, and Daddy was sort of angry that I hadn't put a firmer foot down (also known as safewording). He mentioned that I really needed another word to use. We'll have to think about that. I do have such a hard time telling him when something isn't right and I wonder why that is.

He was a little evilish though and decided that the Luna Beads would be kind of fun for me to wear. Lots of my friends helped Daddy out with that one and made it quite an interesting night.

All in all, it was a wonderful day. We'd learned a lot of important things together, learned that there are still a few things I have to work on, and more importantly...we learned that there are ways to play with rope through an injury.

But the most important thing I learned again was that Daddy is possibly the most amazing man I've ever met.

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