Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bound In Boston Preparation

This weekend was the Bound in Boston. It's grown from a small group with 40 or so locals attending, into a two day event with some very cool out of towners helping out. Lee Harrington, Murphy Blue, and Dov were all there to lend a hand. The Bound in Boston rope con has become a wonderful rope focused event that had a Shibaricon flavor, but a lot closer to home.

So many things happened in the past week leading up to it, that it seems kind of surreal.

The first thing was that I had gotten hurt and didn't think I'd be able to be in ANY rope at all. It was a major disappointment and one that made me angry. Daddy tried to help me find ways to alleviate some of this, but in the end it was me who had to listen and find a way to let it go.

A few days before the Bound in Boston event, I went to visit Daddy. During dinner, he told me that he wanted to try something for his class and asked me if I wanted to try some rope. Now, thinking about how how we'd been not playing with rope recently, with him saying it was going to be just another learning experience, and with the thought that I'd probably not be able to wear any rope anyway, I wasn't holding out much hope for feeling any better about it.

He was very careful with the rope. He paid more attention to me, and I to him, during the simple chest harness, than we'd done in months. He had to adapt the tie to my injury and I had to pay attention to every twist of the rope. It wasn't exactly a dance, but instead it felt like we were remembering how to dance and just needed the right music. The tie went well and we were both happy that it worked out.

I still wasn't convinced that I'd be able to have any rope on me at the Con. But Daddy assured me that we'd figure out a way to make it work.

That same night, I got a message from Roperider saying that Nix had to withdraw from the Con. She was scheduled to lead a ropebottom discussion. That was a class that I'd particularly wanted to attend. So much so, that I'd started something of a minor rebellion when I'd thought I wouldn't be able to attend. I'm always so disappointed when things like this are scheduled opposite top-centric skills classes.

But anyway, Roperider asked me if I'd like to lead the discussion instead of Nix. I asked Daddy what he thought and he said that I should do it. I kinda thought that it was time to put my money where my mouth was. I'd solicited advice, gotten in touch with Nix and started planning.

Between planning for the discussion and getting all of our other last minute arrangements made (not to mention deciding which shoes to wear), the rest of the week flew by.

I was nervous about the class, and still wondered if Daddy and I really would find a way to dance.

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