Monday, September 14, 2009

Bound in Boston Day Two

I know this is a lot of blogging for a weekend. But I'd put it off after Shibaricon and ended up forgetting a lot, so I didn't want to do that again. I'd had such a wonderful time at the BinB, I don't want to forget it.

We woke up early and had the most wonderful morning in bed. I love those mornings where we're both tired, but we need to touch and be touched. He took something that Princess Kali had said on Friday night and ran with it. He was probably the silliest I'd ever seen him with the "da da dums", but I love it when we can just be together and laugh together.

Day Two started with breakfast with Roperider and CyberKat. I really like the both of them, and they have a style of relating to each other and with play that is very much like Daddy's and mine. They enjoy each other. They're fun to talk with, fun to be with, and they are the cutest damn couple I've seen in ages.

After breakfast, Daddy left the Con to take The Boy to Sunday school. It's something I knew would happen, and something that is important for all of us. I was actually kind of grateful that he'd had to do that, because I was teaching today and I think he'd have made me a little nervous. I'm sure I would have gotten over that pretty quickly, seeing his face there, but all the same, I'm kind of glad it worked out that way.

But not having much to do that early, I went back with Kat to help her get things ready for Day Two. I cut some rope, I helped set a few things up, and Roperider and I spent some time chatting. He asked about Merry and what the story was with that. Since he was curious, I figured it was time to let him in on a few details of my life before Daddy. It was interesting talking about some of those things. It was kind of like my life is a "before" and and "after" now. I spilled some beans and Roperider said that he couldn't really picture me with Merry....I seemed much different with Daddy. I smiled and said that's because I love Daddy and he loves me.

I attended Lee's Breath and Bondage class and loved every second of it. As much as I love Mollena Williams, I think that I'm a new Lee Harrington junkie too. He was very nice when his class ran over and apologized to me for it. I thought it was kind of funny...Lee Harrington apologizing to me? I thought "hey, you're LEE HARRINGTON and I'm just some giggle girl with a big mouth who hasn't a clue in hell". But it was nice all the same.

And then it was put up or shut up time for me. I had half hoped that there wouldn't be anyone in my class and was getting nervous with all of the people that showed up. Then I saw LadyD, S, and Topologist and felt a little better.

I think it went well. There was a lot of discussion, a few things not on topic, but things that added to the discussion and I think I got some of the main points that I'd wanted to convey across: communication needs to happen; bottoms are important; and that bottoms need to help their tops. Also a big one for me is disappointment and how to deal with it. That one got a lot of discussion for which I'm very happy. When it ended, I'd felt like I'd accomplished a huge goal for me and left the class in a wonderful frame of mind. Daddy was right, I could do it.

The con ended with demos and Daddy and I were tweeting during them. The one we both liked the most was Lee and Amy's demo, which didn't include suspension at all. We both had one thought, which Daddy tweeted and I couldn't agree more with "YEAH, that's how it's done".

And that's how I learned to listen to Daddy, trust him even with the silly stuff, and trust myself that I could step outside my comfort zone and do something to add to my own and others' enjoyment of rope.

And the best part of the weekend? Daddy and I learned to enjoy our dance again.

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