Saturday, August 22, 2009

Q's Birthday Party

It was an interesting evening.

I had spent the day with Sir and his family but I really wanted to go to Q's birthday party. I asked Sir if it would be OK for me to go without him, I'd probably play with NorthernBelle or just hang with friends. He's used to me attending things without him now and knows that, while I won't have a great time, at least I'll be with people. I really had wanted him to go, though I understood that with his family visiting, and the heat, he probably wouldn't really want to. It feels differently when I'm walking into somewhere with him, with his hand on my back and with people seeing us together. I think that might be part of the problem with some of my friends...they don't see us together nearly enough.

But I did understand about the party. I left and went home for a while to visit the cat and get a change of clothes.

I called him when I was ready and asked him if he'd changed his mind and to my delight, he had. So back to MA I drove to pick him up.

When we arrived at the party, we started to play in the dungeon. Whips were on the menu and this was one of those nights that it was all for him. No warm up, no scening, just plain pain taken for his benefit. Which was ok with me, if that's the price I had to pay for the party, it was worth it. Sometimes he just likes to hurt me for him. I learned that lesson a while ago and while it's not my favorite way to BE hurt, I deal with it because it makes him happy.

During the whipping Renee showed up. She was wearing her librarian outfit and when I ran over to hug her, I whispered that she'd drive Sir crazy with that look. I already knew how much Sir had missed playing with Renee and how much he really liked her. We'd talked about adding people to play with together, and we'd talked about how that might make me feel. I'd thought about this a lot over the past few months, and was kind of happy that the opportunity hadn't really come up. What I didn't know was how I would react to him playing with her. I was in for a surprise.

I asked him to play with Renee. At first, he looked at me wondering how I'd feel. I told him that I'd be fine and that I wanted him to do it. He looked at me for reassurance of my headspace and I tried to convince him that I really WAS ok with it. He started whipping her and then both of us. Renee and I have always had an affinity for each other. She says she admires my sexiness (which always makes me giggle hysterically) and I admire her elegance and poise. Sir was excited by the two of us together under his whip. He said it was because we are so striking in our differences.

Afterwards, Sir was cuddling with the both of us and he kind of gave me a carte blanche to do whatever I'd wanted to him, as long as it didn't involve pain or tickling.

AHA: Of course I went for the belly button. I motioned for Renee to join in and between the two of us, we drove Sir crazy. All around us people were wondering what I could possibly be doing to Sir to make him laugh the way he did. They thought I was giving him a blow job and when they found out I was attacking his belly button...well let's just say that the laughter was hilarious. So much for my service-topping skills huh?

After a bit, I left Sir and Renee for some more play while I went to visit with friends. I did stay long enough to watch a bit of their scene and my surprise came when I found that I wasn't jealous at all. I was happy for him. I was thrilled that I could do that for him and I was elated that he could once again play with someone who means a great deal to him. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I'm attracted to Renee as well and she's not averse to snogging me either.

That's what I mean about being sure of yourself in a relationship. I couldn't have done that if I didn't trust myself....not to mention trusting him.

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