Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm a late comer to the internet.

When I first learned about kink, there weren't all that many books geared to het women about it. Gloria Brame hadn't yet published; there wasn't the Bottoming Handbook, and the internet was for all intents and purposes non-existent. And when those became more readily available...well.... I hadn't bothered with the internet or books because I was in a relationship where I learned it from the bottom up, so to speak. I thought I knew EVERYTHING!

So imagine my surprise when Sir told me all about the various things I could do on the internet! Unfortunately, I've spent most of my time on Facebook, Fetlife and Twitter, and googling every conceivable permutation of kink. Oh, and lets not forget the porn, or more affectionately called: SHOE SHOPPING!

I hadn't really looked at blogs, and I didn't follow any of them beyond what Sir sent my way. Until I started following a fabulous woman on Twitter: Mollena Williams. I then checked out her blog. If you don't follow Mollena, you're missing one of the most charming women who tells it like it is.

She's posted a wonderful blog entry that really hits home with me at the moment. View it here

I think this lady is one that I'll keep an eye on. With a mouth like that, why wouldn't I?

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