Friday, March 13, 2009

Actual Meeting

I met the boy over lunch of tuna (no tomato), chicken pesto panini (for Sir) and mozzarella, basil and tomato (for me). I asked about his spots, and they didn’t seem too bad. I think that they’re either some sort of contact thing, or some sort of reaction. Doesn’t look too bad. No fever, no lethargy so it’s probably something minor.

We also made egg creams. This one had me a little squicked. But I’m finding out all new things with Sir and this is just one more. Tastes a little weird...fizzy chocolate. Not bad, but not a choice I’d make. He’s fun with the boy making them though.

When I look at the boy I see a lot of Sir. It’ll be fun watching what kind of man he turns into. But when I look at Sir watching the boy...he seems a little...I don’t now....sad?....thoughtful? overwhelmed?... and happy. I’ll have to watch this some to figure it out. It could just be that circumstances today have skewed things a bit.
We talk about legos, clarinets, and Spaceballs. He’s ticklish too. He’s got a wonderful laugh.

We went for a walk at the Cove. The boy’s foot fell into the cove and he swore with a word that I'd rarely heard coming from a nine year old without soap following closely in its wake. I looked at Sir, who didn't seem upset at all and then I started laughing. Such language from a nineyear old....but then, it’s just language, and it was appropriate in the situation.

I listened to a clarinet and trumpet. Father and son playing together. I’m not sure of the music, but watching them play....I fell in love with Sir again. And I really like the boy.

They go off together to the doctor’s office. I’m left alone in Sir's house (he later told me that he'd never felt comfortable with anyone enough to leave them alone in his house). It seemed empty...too quiet and I felt strange there. I sat outside for a while, enjoying the sunshine and weather.

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