Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Towards Chicago

Shibaricon was just a few days away.

I'd held off booking my tickets because frankly, well...I wasn't sure if I'd be with Sir by the time May came around and I couldn't imagine going to Shibaricon by myself.

I had a devil of a time packing for Shibaricon. I didn't know what to pack, nothing fit into my suitcase, and I almost had to go with less than optimal pairs of heels. In case you're wondering what optimal is, I generally take the number of days I'll be gone and multiply by five. That obviously wasn't going to work with only one carryon bag.

I spent the night on Wednesday night with Sir. Our flights out of Boston were on Thursday morning. Because I'd waited, we were on different planes, and I ended up on the same flight as RiggerJay.

While I was waiting in the terminal, RJ and I noticed a woman sitting by herself wearing what appeared to the knowing as a collar. He, being the suave ropester that he is, asked me what I thought. I checked out her shoes and said, yep...definitely going to Chicago. He went over to her and invited her to sit with us while waiting.

Sir and I have a habit of texting each other throughout the day and today was no exception. He was texting funny tidbits about the lack of kinky people in his terminal and I started telling RJ and our new friend about Sir's texts. RJ looked at me and said "hey...I just realized I don't have your phone number, why don't you give it to me so we can keep in touch at the Con?"

The next text was not from Sir, but from RJ. His message to me? "I think that this girl sitting with us is Sir's ex".

I was a little miffed that obviously she'd recognized me, but didn't say anything. I texted Sir and asked what his ex looked like. Yep. It was definitely her and something of an Oops moment for me.

I kind of wondered about this girl who'd obviously had a twisted sense of what a collar means...after all, she's the one that was making it difficult for me to now explain to Sir about collars. She was pretty, quiet, and appeared to me to be very shy. I could see why Sir had liked her. Which only made me wonder what the heck he was doing with someone like me. So not quiet, so not shy. Contrasts of personality.

Anyway, we flew to Chicago, landed on time, and headed for the Con. I'd hoped I hadn't made a huge mistake...but I was looking forward to ALL THAT ROPE!

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