Thursday, March 5, 2009

Playing Hooky

I was due back to work on March 4. But I missed Sir so much, I did something that I hadn’t done a whole lot of. I called into sick to work. I told my boss that I’d picked up something in San Antonio (that is the truth), and that I wasn’t feeling well (also, kind of the truth). What I’d picked up was a serious case of missing Sir....and feeling like that...wasn’t making me feel all that well either.

I planned on leaving the house around 7, but you know when you make plans...doomed to having other things put that monkey wrench in them. I had to bring little flower to school, shower, unpack enough to find things, clean my car off from the snow that came while we were away, and I just couldn’t get out of the house until long after I’d planned. I was jittery to be late, and jumpy because I didn’t really know how we’d be after that SA thing. And I was excited just to be with him. I missed him more than I thought and was getting tweaked with all of the things that kept popping up to prevent me from actually getting there.

But, finally I was on the road and heading towards Sir.

This is one thing that I’ll never get used to. When I drive alone, I have time to think. And you know those thoughts aren’t always things you need to think about.

But thinking that morning was even more difficult. I kept running things in my head, I kept trying to figure out what we’d say to each things would change now that I’ve gotten goofy.

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