Monday, March 30, 2009

My 17th Birthday, Again

I had the most wonderful weekend with Sir.

It was my 44th birthday, but I’ve decided that I’ll be 17 again this year. I liked 17. It was before all that stuff happened and the last time I can remember ever being really happy. Since I have never been happier than when I’m with Sir, I’ll be 17 again this year.

On Thursday, I left work and drove down to MA. It was raining and it took me a bit longer than usual, but that was OK this time because I was looking forward to having an entire three days with him. I was in a good mood and looking forward to having his arms around me- and having mine around him.

When I got there, I brought my stuff in and saw his note. I knelt in the livingroom and waited. Stretching felt good after such a long ride and I love listening to his sounds when the house is that quiet. I can hear the creak of the stairs when he starts down them and the anticipation of his hands on my neck makes my heart jump and the goosebumps start.

After saying hello, and spending some time cuddling and reconnecting, we went out to dinner at a restaurant called Aztec It was Mexican food, and somewhere that he goes to with the Boy. He’d never taken anyone except the Boy there and he thought it was amusing that the waitress spoke English when she knows he speaks Spanish. The smile on his face was wonderful and the food was delicious. Trying to get over the headspace I was in and find my Sir space was distracting with the television on the weather. I felt bad about that, but I think he understands about my distraction- he feels the same way sometimes when trying to get into Wendy-space when I first

He gave me a birthday present. A pair of earrings that he’d had made up for me. One says sleep and the other, dream. He doesn’t like surprises, but he likes giving them to me I think- just a little bit. I love them. For the fact that he thought about me when choosing them.

On Friday, we just couldn’t get going. We wanted to just stay in bed, touching each other and staying together. But finally we got up and he asked me what I wanted to do. I, as usual, had no idea. I really have no concept of things that are around here. I know about the usual, but I think we both like a little more of the not-so-usual together.

He took me to Harvard and the Peabody Museum to see the glass flowers. Those were fabulous. I couldn’t believe they were made of glass, they seemed so real. Full of detail and the craftsmanship was phenomenal. I loved looking at them and could have spent hours looking. We also saw the stuffed animals, butterflies, bees (blue bees?) and the gemstones and meteorites. We spent some time in the Mayan rooms and it was beautiful.

Learning together about things. Sir showing me the wonders of his world. I asked him what his favorite part was, and he told me watching the faces of the people he brought there. I hope he liked my face.

Afterwards, we went to Bartley’s for burgers (I had the Michelle Obama which was spicy) and he had one with jalapenos on it. Then we went to a bookstore and art store. I loved both. I bought some books and just spent some time wandering around with those friends. I could spend hours in bookstores. The artist brushes, paints, and pencils were wonderful to look at, but I really don’t need more of those. But watching the colors was fabulous and seeing Sir’s face watching me was lovely. We had coffee and went home. More time together and martinis and popcorn.

On Saturday, we woke up and walked to the café for a late breakfast. We spent some time on the green watching kids play ball, Sir telling me about EST (?) and generally just learning more things about him. We walked to the store where he’d bought the earrings because he wanted to show the woman who he’d given them to. It was a wonderful store with many neat items, scarves and jewelry, paintings and pottery. We walked to the record shop and searched for some new music. I found one called the Chainsaw Kittens. I’m curious what that one sounds like, but I loved the name so we
picked it up.

We went to lunch with K and K at DM. We shared a curry because we were eating later. We all talked so that K and K could get to know me. Sir told them how we’d met and the smile on his face was the one where he’s very happy. After lunch we had ice cream (coffee for him and caramel something for me). When we finally said goodbye to
K and K, we started to walk home when I just couldn’t resist myself and grabbed him, pulled him into my arms and kissed him big time.

We got lots of car honks for that one and he laughed hilariously. He was happier than I’d seen him. As good as he makes me feel- I love to make him feel that way as well.

We went home and got ready for the play, dinner, and the party.

I couldn’t decide what to wear. If I were at home it would have been harder, but I didn’t have many choices. I wanted to dress conservatively because he wanted a lady to take to dinner and the theater so I wore my gray skirt and a black shirt. My lower heels because we were walking, but the clicky ones that draws attention.

Dinner was wonderful. He had his martini and I had a glass of wine. He had salmon and I had chicken. We talked about jewish food and why certain things weren’t supposed to be eaten. We shared dessert and he was happy again. His eyes smile when he’s really happy. I love watching his face like that. The waiter was funny- he kept saying that it must be our first date. It was because I couldn’t stop looking at him and the smile on both our faces was obvious.

After dinner, we walked to the theater. It was a smallish theater and very pretty with blues and golds in the ceiling. The play was wonderful, although there was a lot of talking. I nodded off a few times, and we took some caffeine pills. After all, we had a party to go to afterwards. He was funny after the play though. He didn’t really like it all that much, but he said that he frequently finds that happening. I told him that I’d liked it. Its rare that I don’t like something. I think its simply because I find the creativity of others attractive and actors - something that I could never do.

The party was nice. A’s party and more young people than LBD’s. But Jay was there, as was Addie and Gurly and Dana. Dana had a surprise for Sir-clover clamps. Don’t worry- I thanked Dana. And he’ll get his later.

Sir tied me in such a way that every time I shook someone’s hand, the crotch rope pulled. And he made me say hello to everyone. Sir Percy and Lestat were two of the people who made it a little difficult for me. We played with RiggerJay’s violet wand set up, although Sir was a teeny bit miffed when Jay zapped him without permission. He’s not too thrilled with the idea of the electricity running through him to get to me, but he liked my reactions to it. He spanked me, and flogged me, but he’s still wrapping the flogger. Another one for us to figure out.

He then got me into tickling again. I had a hard time going back and forth between the pain, the spankings and the tickling and he kept knocking me out of space with the tickles which was disorientating. I was also a little over-sensationed again and shut down a bit. He got worried and nothing I could say made him feel much better. He got to do some things he’d never done at parties- namely sucking on my nipples and finger fucking me. I wondered how that made him feel. I have to try to explain about shutting down and that he’s got to move me slowly from one kind of play to the other. be in space and then yanked back out by tickling....and then spanked again- it hurts too much. Maybe another time.

Now isn’t the time to have that conversation. But before we go to another party. You have to try to explain so that he doesn’t think he’s done something wrong.

On the ride home, I fell in and out of sleep and then the shit hit the fan.

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