Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Morning Of Boy Meets Girl

Phone call in the early morning. Apparently the boy wasn’t feeling well. He had a rash of some sort. Now to me...its not such a big deal. Rashes? Kids get rashes from looking at something itchy. But. I don’t know the boy. Better be on the safe side.

Sir rushed to get ready to pick him up from school, make a dr. appt, and we both try to push our plan for the day from our minds. Things will change some, but it’ll still be fine. I can’t tell if its irritation or disappointment.

Maybe a little of both. I tell him that things will be fine. I’ll get some breakfast, get on the net. It’s a lovely day and to take care of things. There’s time for us but the boy needs him now. So I’m at the café when he im’d. I ask him about lunch and he asks for what he’d like. I like that about him. No questions or wishy-washy...decisive.

But then, he’s eaten there before and there aren’t 1000 things on the menu.

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