Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Boy Meets the Girl, Kind of

This one is going to take a bit.

Wednesday night. I got a call from Sir after I’d already left work and had started down to his house. Apparently, his ex was going to be late picking up the boy. Sir was irritated. I however was not.

Ok, so I was irritated for him, but I wasn’t irritated. But not that the ex was going to be late. Plans change, things come up. I’m adaptable and pretty even going. And the boy is his son.

But, I got to wondering what he’d be like if our plans had to change because of something that came up with me? Would he be irritated? or was his irritation with C just another leftover from the separation? Hmm. Note to self: no changing plans unless absolutely necessary. That chaos thing. He’ll be ok...but the irritation won’t be good.

But no, generally, I wasn’t irritated. He will let me meet the boy when he’s ready, and when he thinks that the boy will be. And, when he thinks that we’re like actually....might be looking at being together beyond June 15...when that warm weather hits. I have things to do, books, magazines, coloring, ipod. My car and my own brain have so many things to occupy my time.

And also, there’s always shopping.

So, I waited until after the ex picked up the boy. Sir called me and told me the coast was clear. Hmmm. Am I in hiding? Whatever...just words. He didn’t have any notes and was there to meet kneeling and waiting this time. He needed my arms. Needed me to help him drop the irritation and feel good again. I’m glad to know he can find that with me.

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