Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Big Thoughts, Little Answers

I’ve let Sir read my journals from the time we met through the day-after the- hotel fiasco. Part of me wonders why I did that, while I know that somehow I’m compelled to be open with him. He’s got his issues too, and to alleviate them, if he knows all that I’m thinking and feeling, maybe they’ll help him too. But the danger in that is that he’ll know everything. I don’t want to edit my journals. They’re mine after all and I don’t have to show him. And editing my thoughts or feelings isn’t the purpose of my journal.

Spent some time shopping with Angel and Mia last night. Now there’s a funny couple. Matched well, but both so confused about themselves as well. Angel identifies as a submissive, but switches with Mia and now is Domme to Q. Mia identifies as a Domme, but switches with Angel and plays with Q. And they wonder why I'm confused!

They are quiet, shy, and very nice- the both of them though. I like to spend time with them actually. But the dead rat was a little much.

The shopping trip was for Q. He wanted to dom Angel out and femme Mia out. And, as a bonus, if we found something for him to be force-femmed, so much the better. I think he’ll be happy with what we came up with. Only thing left is shoes for Angel. She’s picky and it’s the wrong season for boots, but we’ll try again.

Only a few texts from Sir today. It is a rather busy day for him - Tuesdays. And, you know- you’ve been rather clingy lately. Maybe its time to find yourself again. Just because you’ll have to eventually, sooner or later, especially with his trip to SA coming up.

Just how do I do that again?

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