Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tying One On

I arrived at his house after a snowy ride up Route 9. I missed the turn somewhere, but this time fate was kind and somehow I ended up right in front of his street. Almost missed it and would have if he hadn’t warned me about the narrowness of it. I took a deep breath and knocked.

We chatted over pizza, viewed his artwork, chatted some more....and then just sort of stopped. I think we both were kind of saying “ how does this go now?”. He appeared to be a little uncomfortable with the rope..but I think I’d tweaked him enough that he sort of had something to prove to me too. Either that, or we were both just wondering what the fuck was going to happen? How was I going to react? What if it just sucked?

When we started, he was paying such close attention that it was interesting. It felt good to have his hands on me. He gets the touching part too. I really tried to stay with him, although there were a couple of times that I felt myself go...and breathed to come back quickly. I didn’t want to space out...I wanted to pay attention and feel what was happening. And it felt pretty darned good.

After I was wrapped in his hug, he put me on the floor...kneeling. OMG, did he have any idea? How could he have figured that one out so quickly? Then I thought he just was looking at me and figuring that this was the best place for the next thing.

Funny, I do remember asking him for a 1/2 way decent spanking...but I also don’t remember talking about doing it on the first time together either. insanity knows no bounds...I’ll have to remember that in the future.

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