Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On Naming His Toys

Got a nice email from Sir today asking if I was ok. As I said...he’s nothing if not a gentleman.

I was in a good mood and told him my ass was a tad sore. His response? He said he now looks at his tawse and thinks “tad”. I told him it was a lovely name for that. I don’t think he quite got that joke though. I’ll have to work on the delivery over the internet. Its still lacking that tone.

He also teased me about the chest harness I did on Q. I hate tying anyone but you know...I just do things that are asked of me. I know how to say no, I just don’t often bother doing it. Too many issues and it’s just easier to do it and get it over with. I did take a nap. Dim Sum after a few hours of sleep...not a good thing. I did meet Jade though.

More chatting online. God I love our conversations. I can picture his face and I think strange thoughts...and do such odd things. Running my own nails along my neck. Sighing...what are you doing? Get a fucking grip on yourself. You know that this one won’t last either. He’s a nice guy, but really? How many have you met that turned out staying nice? Think about this. What are the odds that you’d meet someone again? J said it would happen, but its been too long. You’re just happy for some attention again.

He’ll figure out that you’re not right...not something...or that too much thing that always happens and he’ll make an excuse. Don’t get attached...just have some fun.

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Dana said...

"Tad"... ::giggle::