Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Moment of Insanity

So, after all is said and done, I made plans to meet Meredith to tell her about Sir. She’s in the hospital at Lahey, and I’m worried to death. Things aren’t going so well, and that little operation has turned into a whole lot more than we bargained for.

I talked to her today and told her that we needed to talk. If she wasn’t going to tell her wife that she needed to be Meredith, that she needed her friends...or that she, herself, needed me, then our relationship would just have to take second place to my own life. We’d still be friends, we’d still have the happy, the pictures, the tickles, but I could never be happy with just those things.

It has occurred to me yet again that I am speaking a foreign language. Either that, or her hearing is a lot worse than it should be for such a young broad.

I made plans to meet Sir at his house to see what would happen with rope. I’m quite curious about that one actually. Personally, I don’t think much. It’s been too long for me to remember. Although Sir Percy was very nice, and I was rope-high, I wonder if its simply that it was just too long.

Maybe though, it’s just that I’ve been too annoyed with tying others.

I have to keep telling myself that rope isn’t the “end-all” for me..only the beginning. There’s other beginnings that are just as nice.

Well, sort of.

I got hung up with Merry though at the hospital. Sir called while I was there and I felt that opportunity thing slipping away. Why is that I seem to say one thing to Merry...but end up doing something else? My infatuation with heels and men in skirts knows no bounds.

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