Friday, February 6, 2009

And the Growling- I Forgot Another One

So, nobody seemed too tweaked. A few odd looks, gurlyman trying to look out for me. Raven and Fuzzy as a soccer ball and J and T giving me a hairy eyeball, it wasn’t too bad. After bondage club, Sir and I stayed around for a while. Belle in a yoga pretzel, rope flying in the cave...and then, as I was leaving, Sir P corralled me with rope around my neck.

I know that rope and I are friends..but WHY do I let that happen? Just as I think that I’m not showing my slut side, someone always shows up with rope? I got caught between Sir and Sir P and, with the combination of both, plus the really neat dog mat that Q had...and the fact that Sir had been pinching me and touching me most of the night....I figure I could be excused. I’d apparently lost my mind.

But the growling. I’d forgotten about that one too. I think a phone call to J might be in order. I need to be reminded of just exactly what I’ve forgotten in the weird reaction department.

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