Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Next, Next Day

Ok, so things weren’t going as I’d hoped. I was too involved with Merry at our first meeting, and too busy trying to tie Q at our second.

I asked myself what I hoped to accomplish by giving myself these headaches. And my answer was that I was hoping to get rid of them. I thought about him some more, thought about the things he’d written, how he’d said things to me, the looks we’d given each other when both of us thought the other wasn’t looking...and thought...”What if he’s trying to figure this out too?”

I took another shot at contact through Fetlife. But when I’d gone there to figure out some coy way of talking to him, he’d gotten there first. He had left a message to let me know he’d been thinking about me. Of course, this message was in the guise of inquiring about Meredith, but hell...at this point...I’d figured out that opportunity works for everyone the same way...

well, maybe not the headaches...but the rest of it does.

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