Monday, January 19, 2009

Just How Annoying Rope Can Actually Be?

I had already told Q that I’d attend Roperider's Bound in Boston shibari class with him. I’d tie him this time. He likes that a lot. And I do like Q, I just didn’t “like” him in “that” way. He met the age requirement..but everything else....not so much. Besides, switches just seem to me like they’re too wishy-washy. Chose one side or the other. I guess I’ve just never been able to see that particular thing from both sides. My own bias. I’m working on that.

But he was there with NorthernBelle. Now, I love Belle. We’re a lot alike, she and I. We have common ground to build a friendship. We just get each other. I like that. But, that day...I was just a tad bit jealous of her. You see, she was his ropebottom that day...while I was Q’s ropetop. I didn’t find either of those things all that attractive and that throbbing in my head was beginning again.

But I did my best. I tried hard, and I think I might actually have learned a little more. Rope is something that I could figure out if I wanted to. After all, I’ve been an eel long enough to know how things work. It’s just that the application and the escape are from opposing sides. I might have to think about that some more though.

During the break, D brought out his prototype fan. Belle and I got really excited about that one and then all of a sudden, he ended up with it in his hands. And I felt that manifestation otherwise known as opportunity coming my way. Aha! I thought...ask him to spank you with it! You saw his face, he’s got the fan...give it a shot!

Sadly, to my overly hopeful brain...he was nice about it.

At the end of the class, we decided to go out for pizza. I was a little angry that Q put me on the end of the table...I’d really hoped to be sitting next to him. Giving myself a chance to look at him, speak to him. Instead, I was at the furthest point away from him that I could be. Opposite ends of the table on different sides. But, it gave me a unique perspective watching him. And I could see his smile...even if I couldn’t really hear him speak. On the ride home, I started talking to Q and Belle about him while trying to hide my interest. I don’t know what each of them might have thought and I’m not sure what I said.

All in all, it was a nice night spent together from across two rooms. But, at least my headache was kept at bay

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