Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Day After

I went to work and started thinking about how things had gone. I wasn’t really tired, but I could still feel that pounding in my head. That one that tells me that not only am I going to have a migraine, but there is a real possibility of having an aneurysm.

Mostly I was still irritated with Meredith. But I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

I’d been on Fetlife pretty infrequently. I really thought that there wasn’t anyone that I’d already met that I would actually find all that much in common with. A few of my friends, but not many. A few new friends, but not many of them either. Those sort of kink-related sites weren’t really my kink. Online relationships of any kind...didn’t even want to think about how disturbing that could be given my own kinks.

But, that morning, I searched Fet with a vengeance. I’d tried to remember everything about him, and only could remember his name. Unique in and of itself, because I don’t generally remember names...and now that everyone has two or three different ones...I find it even more difficult. This is one of the things that pisses me off to no end about “scene names” or “screen names” do you find people?

I searched Q’s profile and tried to figure out who he might be. I read many profiles and tried to find the one that might be him. Then I hit on it. Thankful that he actually was one of the rare ones that preferred his like you-know...actual name.

But how to contact him without coming off like a needy giggler? How to let him know that I wanted to be my kinky sister, while trying like hell not to get too interested should he have only been pulling my leg. How do I tell him I’m not like Q & Company? I’m me?

I looked at his profile for a while, read it a couple of times, looked at the things he’d written, who he already had friended and who were friends of mine. I liked what he had written, even if it wasn’t really enough for me to get a feel for all of was enough for me to at least start a conversation. I thought that I’d just thank him for helping me learn about the chair tie. And I am nothing if not polite to rope-people.

We began our conversations slowly and about things other than kink. Well, some of them were kink-related, but not kinky...there’s a big difference. We talked about lots of things, joked with each other, and listened to each other.

I began my love affair with him during those conversations. And, best of all he was attending another event only a few days later.

I’d get to see him again.

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